Sunset Coast Media, the digital marketing agency behind SunsetCoastMichigan.com, will execute an integrated, multi-phase branding and digital marketing campaign for the Village of Berrien Springs, including:

  • The development of a logo, slogan and other branding assets 
  • Clear, compelling, and consistent messaging around what Berrien Springs offers residents and visitors
  • Creation and promotion of social media accounts and content for those accounts
  • Development of a year-long social content strategy including a content calendar, creation of posts, & weekly promotions/ads
  • Design and development of a new website
  • A year-long website content strategy that includes 24 pieces of relevant, informative search-optimized content (articles and images) to drive traffic to the new website; pique interest in Berrien Springs as an attraction, destination, and place to live; and enhance residents’ pride in the Village

The creative work and strategy will be handled by the team at Sunset Coast Media and our network of top-level talent. The major objectives of the campaign will be to increase public perception of the Village, increase attendance at Village events and foot traffic in the Village as a whole; and to drive increased interest in relocation to Berrien Springs. Success will be measured through a variety of means including surveys and digital metrics. 

The campaign was voted in at a Village Council meeting on January 20, 2020. A story in the Herald Palladium reported: 

“Two weeks after hearing a presentation from Sunset Coast Media, Village Council members have approved paying the company $23,500 for a new website and digital content strategy for the next year…The plan that council members chose will involve creating a new website along with a new logo and slogan, providing consistent messaging about what the village has to offer, and developing a social media content strategy, including Berrien Springs Facebook and Instagram accounts…Village Trustee Jesse Hibler said the public properties and ordinance committee that he chairs felt it was worth it to spend the $23,500 to promote the village and the greater Berrien Springs area.”

This article ran two weeks after a previous article reporting on Sunset Coast Media’s presentation to the village

“This is a digital plan that builds on itself and can be used into the future,” [Francis] said. “You can tell your story the way you want to tell it. …By tapping into the power of searchable content and targeted social, we can tell Berrien Springs’ story our way and reach a larger audience of potential visitors, shoppers, diners and more,”

Village President Milt Richter said he liked the ideas presented. “I think we’re on the right track,” he said. “We’ve made improvements and if we can keep on growing, we will be in good shape.”Some expressed concern about what effect the plan, if implemented, would have on local and area newspapers. Francis noted that her hope is to have all different media outlets work together.”

At Sunset Coast Media, we believe that a combination of solid strategy, top-notch creative, thoughtful distribution, and a fanatical focus on achieving meaningful results are the building blocks of an effective digital campaign. Our methodology for achieving this “secret sauce” includes truly understanding our clients and their needs, using top-notch talent to develop creative assets, attention to thoughtful collaboration, and transparency in the way we measure and report a campaign’s success.

We invite you to follow along with our process behind-the-scenes as we develop the Berrien Springs marketing campaign from the ground up.

Please fill out the form below to give us a little information about your organization’s needs, and we’ll be happy to design a custom campaign for you. 

Meagan Francis