Of the many perks of living in Southwest Michigan, our abundance of produce, flowers, herbs, and other farm fare grown locally sets us apart (and above, if I may say so) from any other place in the world.

And while markets offer a convenient opportunity to browse the fare of many farms in one tempting shopping trip, the truth is that you don’t have to wait for the market to open to fill your pantry and fridge with the freshest local fruits and veggies, herbs, honey, and more. 

Roadside farm stands and carts stand at the ready, laden with fragrant flowers, fresh herbs, and juicy produce harvested while perfectly ripe and sold within hours. The best part? All that farm-fresh goodness is conveniently located right on the side of the road: just pull over. So grab some cash and a bag, take a sunny-afternoon drive, and avail yourself of the Sunset Coast’s best crops – it’s that easy!

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites to get you started:   

Peas, please. Granor Farm supplies!

Granor Farm, 
Three Oaks

3480 Warren Woods Road
Beginning in 2006 with only vegetables, Granor Farm in Three Oaks has since grown to offer much, much more. This certified organic farm hosts seasonal farmhouse dinners (Taste of Granor), and features pasture-raised eggs, grains, flowers, and more. Their CSA program is one of the first to sell out every year, and their Annual Seedling Sale is one my favorite events to kick off the Summer!  You can find them at the St. Joe Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, or visit their roadside stand.
Roadside stand open Fri, Sat, Sun through the Summer.

One Hundred Acre Farm, New Buffalo

9200 US HWY 12
Lavender, violets, lilacs and even more fill the soil of One Hundred Acre Farm in New Buffalo. Fresh cut lavender, dried lavender, honey, dried lilacs, and lavender seedlings (when available) grace the adorable farm stand on US 12. Want the full experience? U-Pick is an option too! You can find these floral beauties at the New Buffalo Farmer’s Market on Thursday evenings, or visit their roadside stand.
Roadside stand is open Friday – Saturday in the Summer. 

You can pick your flowers AND your friends

Wild Coyote Farm, Berrien Springs

2175 E Hinchman Road
A small family farm, certified organic, and a CSA provider, Wild Coyote Farm is a fresh produce haven. Berries, microgreens, tomatoes, squash, collard greens — I could go on and on. Follow their facebook page or visit their website for an updated list (weekly) of what they offer at their farm stand. Please add this family farm to your list of stops!
Roadside stand open Sunday – Friday, sunrise to sunset. “If the roof’s up, we’re open!”

Sower’s Purse, Benton Harbor

7650 E Napier Ave
The DiCicco family started their gorgeous backyard micro-farm years and years ago. Today, they grow an abundance of crops on nearly twenty acres! They have created a perfect synergy in their ecosystem, promoting pollinators, insects, and other wildlife that add to the circle of life on the farm. They grow carrots, ground cherries, as many varieties of tomatoes as you can think of, squash, onions, cucumbers, greens— I just can’t name it all! See and taste for yourself via their CSA program, or visit their roadside farm stand.
Roadside stand open Thursday 3:30PM – 5:30PM   AND  Sunday 10AM – 5PM.


First time having Ground Cherries! Whooooaaa, Nellie

These are just a few of the Southwest Michigan farms that offer their fare through CSA programs, roadside stands, and word of mouth. Summer time is their season to thrive, and we are in the heart of it. Support your local agriculture, hit up these hot spots, and EAT THE COAST!


Jocelyne Y Tuszynski