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Southwest Michigan Happens Here

Michigan’s Top Lifestyle Engineering Career Coach Hits Major Milestone

Michigan is one of the strongest engineering career bases in the country.   And one of the world's top career and lifestyle coaching organizations has their HQ right here along the Sunset Coast: OACO.  Short for Oasis of Courage, the career coaching for...

Slice, Slice, Baby – The Best Pizza on Michigan’s Sunset Coast!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes: thin crust, Detroit style, deep dish, Neapolitan. Crispy AND chewy cornicione (outer crust, now add that to your pizza-loving vocab STAT), heavy pulls of perfectly melted cheeses, maybe gluten-free, maybe dairy-free; the love of...

Herbivore Approved! Vegetarian and Vegan Eats on Michigan’s Sunset Coast

No more sad, protein-free salads or sandwiches minus pretty much everything. Vegan and vegetarian dining is at an all-time height and nowhere is that more evident than in Michigan’s Sunset Coast.