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Sunset Coast Media is a marketing agency that partners with growth-minded leaders to deliver more revenue, customers and influence. We meld strategy with innovative content, and thoughtful distribution, with a maniacal analysis of results.

SunsetCoastMichigan.com is a website we launched to tell the story of what it’s like to live and play in Southwest Michigan.  It’s just a small example of the kinds of creative content we can bring your business to move the needle on whatever your goals are.  

Are you currently at an inflection point?  Have a major opportunity, or a major challenge in front of you, for which more influence, revenue and customers could be the answer?

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Southwest Michigan Happens Here

Slice, Slice, Baby – The Best Pizza on Michigan’s Sunset Coast!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes: thin crust, Detroit style, deep dish, Neapolitan. Crispy AND chewy cornicione (outer crust, now add that to your pizza-loving vocab STAT), heavy pulls of perfectly melted cheeses, maybe gluten-free, maybe dairy-free; the love of...

Herbivore Approved! Vegetarian and Vegan Eats on Michigan’s Sunset Coast

No more sad, protein-free salads or sandwiches minus pretty much everything. Vegan and vegetarian dining is at an all-time height and nowhere is that more evident than in Michigan’s Sunset Coast.

6 Foodie Finds in Southwest Michigan

Food-lovers, rejoice: Southwest Michigan offers a smorgasbord of foodie havens: restaurants featuring locally-sourced ingredients, inventive menus, great ambiance and an all-around delightful dining experience. Check out 7 of our favorite foodie finds.