Michigan is one of the strongest engineering career bases in the country.   And one of the world’s top career and lifestyle coaching organizations has their HQ right here along the Sunset Coast: OACO.  Short for Oasis of Courage, the career coaching for engineers programs they run help engineering leaders level up their careers without sacrificing the important things in life.

Says founder and CEO Zach White: “I know how frustrating building your engineering career can be. As an engineer myself, I climbed the corporate ladder. I’ve seen (and survived) it all. I’ve felt stuck, been burned out from 80-hour weeks, suffered under a bad boss, and had my career plan thwarted multiple times by corporate reorgs. You know the worst part? I felt like I was not using my full potential. I found incredible success as an engineering leader, but it was not without trials, and failed work life balance.  Which is why I gave up that success to form OACO, the Oasis of Courage. And with it, programs dedicated to helping engineering leaders face these same challenges.”

Working with top engineering leaders at Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Twitter, Whirlpool, Oracle and others, OACO has made a huge difference for many of Michigan’s tech leaders, as well as engineering leaders around the world.  Zach and the team at OACO launched a podcast in recent years, which is among the top career podcasts in the world.  

lifestyle engineering career coach from MichiganThey’ve recently hit a major milestone: their 100th episode.  It’s a great introduction, serving up the top 10 tips every engineer needs to know.

A dynamic offering like this is just one more reason why Michigan’s Sunset Coast is one of the most dynamic places to live, work and play.  Congratulations, OACO team!

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